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To be able to at least dual the number of HIV-positive people on treatment and continue steadily to provide treatments to one third of all those who desperately need them. PEPFAR is a resounding success, providing lifesaving Helps treatment to over 2.4 million people , preventing millions of new HIV infections, and providing care to over 3.6 million orphans and vulnerable children. Building upon this success, Congress reauthorized PEPFAR in 2008 with expanded goals for treatment, avoidance, and care. When campaigning for President, then-Senator Obama promised to provide at least $50 billion by 2013 for the global fight HIV/AIDS.Soderlund is usually professor of insecticide toxicology. The NIEHS is area of the National Institutes of Wellness. The tasks involve two chemical substance classes of insecticides that target the sodium ion channel proteins of nerve membranes. These proteins play a critical role in the electric signaling of nerve cells. The study is expected to provide brand-new insights into mechanisms of insecticide toxicity to help in assessing human health risks associated with using these insecticides. Related StoriesLiposomal sizing and the Coulter principle: an interview with Professor Melvin E.