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Medscape is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to supply continuing medical education for doctors, and this activity will be administered by Medscape. A maximum of 0. There is absolutely no charge to individuals to acquire CME credits through the program. The Bloodstream journal is available on To acquire CME credit for chosen Blood articles, physicians should visit Other CME opportunities offered through ASH are available at.. ASH gives hematologists a new source for earning CME credits The American Society of Hematology now offers physicians who diagnose and treat blood disorders a new resource for earning continuing medical education credits while staying up to date with the latest clinical strategies in the rapidly changing field of hematology.We are the Martians. We have been coming, with translators. Ready your applications for federal government aid. We have needs, and they must be met. After cautious studies, our relocation preferences are Bel-Atmosphere, and Scarsdale.’ Henry Kissinger, reached at his underground home in Mordor, Virginia, spoke slowly into television video cameras: ‘We will basically erase the US-Mexico border? Extend full advantages to everyone on both relative sides. It reduces traffic, so when environmentally necessary depopulation swings into high gear, the complete question of welfare will become moot.