The underlying mechanism is not well understood.

Scott, Sc.D., Peadar N. Kirke, F.F.P.H.M.I., and James L. Mills, M.D.: Lack of Association between Folate-Receptor Autoantibodies and Neural-Tube Defects Although periconceptional folic acid supplementation can prevent neural-tube defects, the underlying mechanism is not well understood. The hypothesis that embryonic uptake of folate may be impaired by circulating maternal folate-receptor autoantibodies presents a biologically plausible system for the pathogenesis of folate-responsive neural-tube defects. Even though authors needed further studies to verify their results, data are limited.3 One factor that could donate to the limited research of this question is the technical complexity of the assays in the initial report, which involved the usage of folate receptors purified from individual placental tissue.API Healthcare Total Workforce Administration is a comprehensive, fully integrated suite of solutions designed specifically for the initial needs and issues of a 24/7 working healthcare environment. Developed with the health care worker at heart, API Health care solutions minimize labor costs, increase employee satisfaction and improve individual outcomes. These recent contract signings seriously the heels of many recent go-lives and builds on the competitive momentum the business has achieved this year 2010.

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