The thyroid gland produces the hormones that regulate our development.

Untreated thyroid disorders can lead to heart disease, clinical depression, infertility and osteoporosis. In pregnant women, an untreated thyroid disorder might increase the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, learning disabilities and additional developmental problems in children. B-roll footage contains: – Interview with leading endocrinologist Dr. Andree Boucher – Dr. Boucher examining hypothyroidism individual – Interview with young adult hypothyroidism individual Maggie, diagnosed in her teenagers – Scenes of Maggie executing everyday activities – Interview with Ashok Bhaseen, President, Thyroid Basis of Canada – Computer animation depicts: – Healthful thyroid gland developing into diseased thyroid gland – Underactive thyroid vs overactive thyroid – Map displaying regional prevalence of thyroid disorders in Canada..A lot of people who know me recognize that I am not really a lover of quick fixes or magic bullets. Yet, there are many fast and effective things you can do to get reassurance quickly. These ideas and methods should not be seen as the answer to life’s challenges, but as helps along the true way. And some of these are extraordinarily helpful! In this bout of Mental Wellness Exposed, I cherry select the list of 91 stuff and go into greater details. Here are a few examples from the complete list of ways to get internal peace in the next minute: 1. Decide to live inside your means. 2. Recognize the difference in the middle of your needs and wants. 3. Tap lightly on the upper part of your cheek bone. 4. Listen to white noise – tune in exclusively for 30 seconds and experience yourself settle.