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This improved cell proliferation induced by YY1 and c-Myc activation, coupled with impaired senescence because of low Smurf2 levels helps drive lymphoma development, said Zhang. It also suggests multiple roles for Smurf2 in tumor suppression by means of suppressed cell proliferation and senescence response. To measure the potential medical relevance of the basic biological discovery, Colleagues and Zhang restored Smurf2 expression in individual DLBCL cells. Once restored, proliferation of these cells was inhibited, providing new hope that therapeutics made to increase expression of Smurf2 in lymphomas, when in conjunction with existing treatments, is a more effective approach to achieving remission in individuals.In much of the Middle East and Latin America, high body mass index is the number-one risk connected with health reduction. In South and Southeast Asia, household air pollution is a leading risk, and India also grapples with high dangers of unsafe drinking water and childhood undernutrition. Alcohol is the number-two risk in Russia, and smoking may be the number-one risk in lots of high-income countries, including the UK.