The government is giving you another chance to prove youre in shape.

The ratings from all four of the fitness tests can be entered online. Various other information, such as age, gender, elevation and weight are part of the equation also. You won’t get a presidential certificate, but the results will then display where you rank among folks of the same age. For example, if someone scores in the 75th %ile for push-ups, which means 75 % of the scores fall below your rating. See How Your CONDITIONING RatesThe fitness test incorporates height and fat to give participants their body mass index. Generally, a BMI rating above 25 equates to being overweight.Index individuals with pandemic influenza who have received oseltamivir treatment within 48 hours after the onset of illness had an increase in the geometric mean antibody titer of 4.0 from baseline to convalescence on hemagglutination-inhibition assay, whereas individuals who didn’t receive antiviral treatment had a geometric mean titer boost of 32.0 . Boosts in antibody titers on viral-neutralization assay differed between untreated and treated index sufferers with pandemic influenza, although the difference was not significant . Among index individuals with seasonal influenza, there were no significant distinctions in titer increases or convalescent antibody titers between those who received antiviral treatment and the ones who didn’t receive such treatment. Discussion In this study, the pandemic 2009 H1N1 virus and seasonal influenza A viruses had similar prices of household transmission.