The first time Episcopal Conference advocates Condom Use prevent such couples HIV.

The first time Episcopal Conference advocates Condom Use prevent such couples HIV, official says The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines recently approved the use of condoms among married couples as a way of transmitting HIV, Edwin Corros, Managing prevent the CBCP the Episcopal Commission for Pastoral Care for migrants and Itinerant People, said recently Philippine Star Philippine Star / ABS CBN News. But added but added that condom use should be the last resort. .

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Health disparities. Examine language barriers In trauma patients, raise HIV / AIDS prevention awareness Immigrant Communities, MoreThe following highlights several efforts to address racial and ethnic health disparities.International connections: language services company International Relations is conducting a study, such as language barriers affect patient care in provider settings looks. The study will look at misunderstandings between trauma victims and first responders at the scene to a car accident or other incident. Since 2004, researchers surveying non-English speaking trauma patients started their communication with first responders and over the details of their accident. The interviews will continue until March 2009 and will seek to determine the role of language on the scene plays..‘We Professor Gordon Duff, have elected Chairman named the group of experts on monoclonal antibody therapy Clinical studies normally have excellent security, but it is critical that we avoid lessons from that incident Similarly. Similar future situation group of group building now even before the MHRA investigation is complete, so it is prepared to should be get started the work even MHRA intermediate results of is are confirmed. ‘.

According to UN Millennium Development Goals the country, the prevalence of HIV should be stay down 0.3 percent from 2013, to Vietnam News Agency report (Vietnam News Agency.

DEGREE / DIPLOMAS etc /: – University of Oxford: BA – Animal Physiology in 1969 – University of Oxford: MA – Physiology , 1975 – University of Oxford: OM BCh – medical and surgical articles, 1987 to 90 of Physicians: MRCP 1978 – University of London PhD – Neuropharmacology, 1980 – Royal College of Physicians, FRCP , 1989 – Royal College of Physicians, FRCP , 1999 – Academy Medical Sciences FMedSci , 1999.. In addition, Government announced it is increased spending on HIV / AIDS service 440 000 000 000 Vietnamese dong, dong or roughly $ 28 million of 80 billion, and about $ 5 million in 2006.