The Alzheimers Base of America has updated its free of charge.

AFA updates free educational teleconference support for dementia To meet up the growing requirements of the dementia community, the Alzheimer’s Base of America has updated its free of charge, educational teleconference services to encourage both family and professionals looking after individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or a related illness to take advantage of its expert presentations and support network. Called Care Connection, the teleconference will today consist of presentations about dementia that may interest both family and professional caregivers, and it’ll be held throughout a time that should charm to both Leads seeing that Most-Visited Wellness Site by Doctors An evaluation of the top wellness sites visited by physicians revealed that was the most-visited HCP site and the most-visited overall health site through the first quarter, reaching 57 % of physicians. ranked while the top HEALTH AND WELLNESS Content site for doctors reaching 20.5 %, while led while the most-visited federal government site reaching 30.5 %. In the Pharmaceuticals category, led with 6.3 % of physicians visiting the destination, while led seeing that the top Pharma Support site reaching 22 %.S.