Rafael Bejar.

Using mass-spectrometric genotyping, we examined these samples for 953 recurrent mutations in 111 cancer-associated genes.20 We determined and validated mutations in 10 genes: NRAS, KRAS, BRAF, JAK2, GNAS, FLNB, MET, EGFR, CDH1, and PTPN11. Genotyping of germ-collection DNA from buccal swabs uncovered that the mutations in these 10 genes were somatic, aside from those in MET , EGFR , and CDH1 . No buccal sample was available for the sole individual with a mutation in FLNB , so this mutation could not be assumed to be somatic.Dr. Sandra Kweder, deputy director of the FDA Office of New Medicines, says they too are working with companies to fix problems and may delay the start date. The March of Dimes says there can be an extremely risky of fetal malformations if a woman becomes pregnant while taking Accutane, even if she is taking a small amount of the drug for a brief period. Birth defects associated with Accutane consist of: hydrocephaly ; microcephaly ; mental retardation; eye and ear abnormalities; cleft lip and palate and other facial abnormalities; and heart defects. Accutane can cause these birth defects in the early weeks after conception when a woman often will not know she actually is pregnant.