Quality treatment and a similar life-saving benefit to that shown in scientific trials.

The ACR encourages patients to consult with their doctors concerning the usefulness of CT scanning to screen for lung cancer in their particular cases.. ACR supports USPSTF recommendations for CT lung malignancy screening in high-risk patients The American College of Radiology supports the United States Preventive Services Task Drive recommendation for low-dose computed tomography lung cancer screening of adults aged 55 to 80 years who have a 30 pack-year smoking history and currently smoke or have quit within days gone by 15 years. National Lung Tumor Screening Trial outcomes and other evidence display that CT lung cancer screening significantly reduces lung malignancy deaths.The huge banner, which includes currently flown over Seattle Hempfest and San Francisco, includes a glistening marijuana flower, along with lettering that asks the query ‘Want Big, Sugary Buds?’ The controversial banner may be the brainchild of Michael ‘Big Mike’ Straumietis, co-founder of worldwide hydroponics nutrients producer Advanced Nutrients. ‘We fly this banner to protest the hydroponic hijacking of our sector by a cadre of good old boys who ration details, services and goods to orchestrate a takeover of hydroponics commerce that hurts growers, retailers and vendors,’ says Straumietis. Since he went public with his protests, Straumietis has drawn widespread applause for his documented claim that five hydroponics businesses have used waste and abuse to interfere with the free stream of hydroponics information, goods and services.