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The team found that medulloblastomas can two types of cells two types of cells: multipotent neural stem cells and granule neuron precursors . NSC stem cells, these cells the most cell types within the nervous system, while GNPs stem similar, but only gives rise to a type of cell, such as granule neurons are known sildenafilnorge.com . There was good evidence that either cell type could be the origin of medulloblastomas, but no one expected that both types of evidence could be correct, and that these tumors begin begin in two different cell types, Professor Wainwright said. . Identifying the normal cell to tumor development important because they direct comparison between tumor cells and their normal counterparts, so that the main differences and identified identified in the tumor.

Also recent studies suggest cells that resemble the original cell may exist in mature tumors and can be critical by its survival. If so, these cells would be an excellent target for treatment. .

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