New study suggests.

Because these complicated heart defects are rare, experts would need to setup a scientific trial at multiple sites to obtain enough cases, Bramlet said. Adhere to Tia Ghose on Google+ and Twitter. Stick to LiveScience @livescience, Facebook & Google+. Originally released on Live Science. 7 Great Uses of 3D Printing in MedicineTop 10 Amazing Facts About Your Heart5 Crazy Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Biotech3D Printed Heart Versions CAN HELP Save Babies’ Lives Video.. 3D-printed hearts help surgeons save babies’ lives Replicas of the human being heart that are made on 3D printers may help save infants’ lives, new study suggests. The heart replicas are made to match every small fine detail of a baby’s center, so they can help surgeons program where to cut tissue, reroute patch and piping holes in kids with congenital heart defects, researchers said.However, little study has been released on the potential influence of that publicity. Given the increased use of insulin pump therapy, not only in the U.S., but about the global world, with hundreds of thousands of individuals using this technology, it appears critical that more research is funded to better understand and potentially repair this nagging problem, says Irl Hirsch, MD, Senior Editor of Diabetes Technology & Professor and Therapeutics of Medicine, University of Washington Medical Center-Roosevelt, Seattle, WA.

ALPINION launches new E-CUBE Series ultrasound system ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS Co., Ltd., announced today the launch of a new E-CUBE Series ultrasound system.