Moreover committed cooperatively on global health problems like HIV / AIDS.

Ministers renewed their international commitment to combat avian flu and prevent and prepare for a possible human influenza pandemic. Moreover committed cooperatively on global health problems like HIV / AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases, pose the greatest threats to global public health and place a heavy socio-economic burden to society. ‘We agreed efforts to important to make efforts to existing existing G8 health commitments and renew global cooperation on preparations in connection with a possible influenza pandemic intensify,’said Health Minister Clement.

If it[ is] large number of children in the family, then a lot of children who do not go to school, there is no education, there is a low literacy rate and this in turn leads to early marriage So it’s like a vicious circle. .

Social and economicHealth Minister Clement notes progress in G8 Health Ministers Meeting – Canadian Health Minister Tony Clement was of the of discussions at the first meeting of the G8 Health Ministers in Moscow ..In the last three decades, obese has dramatically increased in the United States, according to background information in the article. To rate of overweight children has more than trebled during this period and stays high for both boys and girls in all age groups and racial and ethnic groups. ‘Add These changes must, obesity will regarded as an important public health problem the United States continues, ‘the authors write.

Bad diet can be observed geographical pattern to childhood obesity similarly seen in adult public, the authors state Multiple southern states including Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee Been the Top one-fifth of obesity both in children and adult for 2007. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2013; 164[ 7] + CCC.. Nationwide in 2007, 16.4 % which children are overweight and 31.6 % were overweight. Prevalence of varies significantly across States shall. Mississippi had highest obesity rate and Oregon had the lowest , Mississippi River was also the highest rates of children were obese was and Utah the minimum .