Leav Leav et al.

The cancer ‘trap’Recent studies show that TNF receptor – associated protein-1 may prevent cancer cell death. Leav Leav et al, ‘Cytoprotective Mitochondrial Chaperone TRAP-1 as a Novel Molecular Target in localized and metastatic prostate cancer,’appears in the January 2013 issue of the American Journal of Pathology.

The results from both analyzes show that eEF1A2 moderately to highly expressed in two thirds of malignant tumor cells, whereas the protein is only barely normal breast cells is expressed, the expression of eEF1A2 is up to 30-fold higher in tumor cells than in normal cells. Thenificant overexpression in tumor cells with the estrogen receptor and in ER-negative tumor cells: 18 percent of the ER – negative tumors showed slight expression eEF1A2, whereas 63 percent of the ER-positive tumors showed significant expression the protein.

Prostate cancer cells are often resistant to cell death. Researchers led by Dr. Dario C. Altieri of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, therefore, the role of TRAP-1, a protein thought to regulate cell death, prostate cancer survival.Landenberger Research Foundation for the vision has the potential of of our work and the award of this scheme is our . , the Margaret Q. Landsberger Research Foundation, which founded in 1992 is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Appointed Brown Brothers Harriman TRUSTcompany serving as a basis corporate fiduciary. The Landenberger Foundation offers seed money for Last medical research in the hope of that this will help researchers to further expand her research with additional grants from other sources, said William R. Executive Vice President, AS A operations of the foundation stone for the BNY Mellon TRUSTcompany. a small foundation a small foundation, it has excellent scientific advisory board to meet the direct aid of the rulings the missionary of foundation is to its to date of medical research Helps to.