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Of the 163 caregivers were enrolled in an eight-week disease management intervention program consisting of individual case management services from an advanced practice nurse. All caregivers at at patient discharge from hospital and two months later for depression and stress associated with physical health, interrupted schedule, financial problems, lack of family support, physical health concerns, and self-esteem hair loss .

Bacteria Mysterious Sugar Coat UnwrappedResearchers at the University of Texas at Austin have a quick and easy way to the sugar coating that surrounds bacteria and plays a role to investigate the infection and immunity developed.

Having rooted dating back to 1929 , the American College of Nurse-Midwives the eldest health care for women is association of the U.S. ACNM of promoting to promote the health and well -being of women and neonates in families and communities by the development and support of of the profession which a midwife by registered nurse – midwives and certificated midwifes practiced. Midwife believe every person has the right to safe, satisfactory healthcare to respect for human If and cultural diversity.