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In addition to Mr. Wisnoski are the current members of the Board of the Western Pennsylvania Medical Eye Bank Foundation, Robert G. Gumbert, Ellen M . Flatley, Dick Katzin, Venkatesh,source: Louis J.ASIR technique reduces radiation dose with coronary CTA by 27 % AssociatedA new low-dose coronary CT angiography technique called adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction can reduce the radiation dose with coronary CTA by 27 %, according to a study in the September issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology. Coronary CTA is a common heart imaging test whether fatty or calcium deposits of a patient may have reduced coronary arteries. – ASIR is a technique that radiologists the noise the noise in an image and improve image quality allows simultaneous reduction of radiation dose.

the results of our study show that ASIR reduction tube allows current while imparting a statistically significant reduction of radiation dose due to the direct relationship between tube current and dose, said Leipzig. – ASIR a novel method of reducing radiation dose, the additive appears to represent existing technologies, he said.

The research has been institute of to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, portion of the nation of Health financed.

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