In a case about a pregnant woman who utilized cocaine and thus endangered her unborn child.

According to a written report by CNS Information, Chief Justice Roy S. Moore wrote in his concurring opinion that an unborn child has an inalienable right to lifestyle from its earliest levels of advancement, adding: I write separately to emphasize that the inalienable to life is something special of God that civil government must protected for all individuals – born and unborn. The April 18 decision was in mention of the case Sarah Janie Hicks v. Condition of Alabama. The plaintiff was charged in 2009 2009 with violating the state’s chemical-endangerment statute, which says, partly, that somebody commits the criminal offense of chemical endangerment if they knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally causes or permits a child to be exposed to, to ingest or inhale, or even to have connection with a controlled compound, chemical substance, or drug paraphernalia.Dr. Mueller served as moderator. During a special presentation, Dr. Loeppke highlighted converging developments demonstrating that the U.S. Health care cost-crisis has been powered by an evergrowing epidemic of chronic illnesses largely, such as heart and diabetes disease. ‘A commitment to preventive medication would help reduce the burden of disease and its associated financial burden to your entire society, unleash monetary and clinical resources through the enhanced capability of hospitals and doctors, improve the health and productivity of our nation's workforce and, ultimately, enhance the vitality of our country's overall economy,’ he said.