CBS 8 Information in San Diego reports that Kaiser Permanentes Super Saturday Flu Clinic

A deadly achievement: Kaiser Permanente sets world record for most flu vaccines given within an eight-hour period A Southern California-based healthcare chain has place a new world record for the most flu vaccines presented in one eight-hour time period. CBS 8 Information in San Diego reports that Kaiser Permanente’s Super Saturday Flu Clinic, which occurred on September 29, successfully jabbed 30,000 people with seasonal flu vaccine at 40 different corporate locations through the entire Southern California region, topping the prior world record three-fold nearly. Relating to Kaiser spokeswoman Mina Nicoletti, the 30,000 people that opted for the shot had been all existing Kaiser members, and a Guinness World Records representative was present at the business’s Grantville location that day to certify that the prior eight-hour record of 12,000 individuals vaccinated in eight hours had been superseded legitimately .

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