At the ACE College.

Third ,, Dr. Manvir Bhatia integrated the knowledge to initiate the Epilepsy Surgery treatment Programme at AIIMS, additional important developments included starting the FIRST sleep clinic and sleep laboratory and created the ‘state-of artwork’ Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory under the Neurology solutions at AIIMS. Dr. Manvir Bhatia provides been invited to provide lectures in National & International workshops, conferences. Offers participated in live shows on TV, published articles in newspapers and publications on topics linked to Neurology, Epilepsy, and Sleep Medicine. She was invited by the WHO to participate in developing guidelines for health issues related to SLEEP PROBLEMS. She is a known person in the American Academy of Rest medicine, World Association of Sleep Medication, Indian Culture for Sleep Analysis, Indian Academy of Neurology, Indian SLEEP PROBLEMS Association etc..‘Through workplace health and wellness initiatives, just one single OH or PM doctor can impact tens of thousands of workers and their families on a continuing basis over summer and winter,’ he stated. ‘The Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance has estimated that 80 % of cardiovascular disease and Type II Diabetes Avoidance, and 40 % of cancer, are preventable, if people stopped smoking simply, ate healthy and exercised,’ Dr. Loeppke said. ‘Persistent Illness is usually destructive and debilitating to individuals as well as nations. The just sustainable pathway to reduce the burden of disease and its personal and economic burden is through avoidance.’ ‘Promoting health at work should be considered a fundamental part of an overall national health strategy based in preventive medicine,’ stated Dr.