Around 868 million are undernourished.

It's a query not merely of the levels of food people are eating but also the standard of that food, clarifies Professor Hunter. Professor Hunter may be the Theme Innovator for Agrobiodiversity in the NUI Galway Plant and AgriBiosciences Analysis Center . He says: It is essential to understand the way the global agricultural program and the benefits produced from agricultural biodiversity impact the drivers of global dietary intake patterns, nutrition and health status, in particular in the developing world. Having less diversity is shown to be a crucial issue, especially in the developing world where diets consist mainly of starchy staples with much less access to nutrient-rich sources of food such as animal proteins, vegetables and fruits.Training is conducted on a dedicated mannequin combined with simulated pathologies and anatomies. Virtual patient cases include normal anatomical variations, early IUP, ectopic pregnancy, fibroids, ovarian malignancies, hydrosalpynx and more. The comprehensive training incorporates didactics, real time guidance and captured metrics for objective evaluation. Pelvic ultrasound simulation schooling using the U/S Mentor simulator provides a secure and low tension environment in comparison to the traditional approach to training on live individuals. ‘The U/S Mentor provides been very well accepted, with customers especially impressed with the reasonable imaging and training choices that it offers,’ stated Gary Zamler, Vice President and General Supervisor, Simbionix Products, 3DS.