Agfa HealthCare introduces ORBIS in Canada Agfa HealthCare has unveiled ORBIS.

Offering exclusive workflow and information administration capabilities, ORBIS offers a thorough approach to healthcare also, delivering increased decision support systems for treaent and decreased duration of patient medical center remains. This integrated EPR option also contains scheduling activity administration and communication software program to increase a holistic look at of both scientific and administrative information processes. In the Canadian healthcare industry, in order to move toward eHealth and Electronic Health Records , healthcare specialists need better tools to make faster and more educated diagnoses and treaent decisions, said Michael Green, President and CEO for Agfa HealthCare in Canada. With ORBIS we are able to help Canadian hospitals reduce wait times, cut and control costs, in addition to streamline the delivery of affected individual care.Solving this problem is a great advance in the desire to make cardiothoracic medical procedures safer and less unpleasant.

A new approach for detecting functional genomic regions A team that includes researchers from the National Institutes of Wellness has found a fresh method of detecting functional areas in the human being genome. The novel strategy involves looking at the three-dimensional shape of the genome’s DNA and not just reading the sequence of the four-letter alphabet of its DNA bases. In a paper released in the first online edition of Research, a team led by Elliott Margulies, Ph.D., of the National Human Genome Study Institute , and Thomas Tullius, Ph.D., of Boston University, described an innovative approach for detecting practical genomic regions.