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Aldrich to discuss a variety of topics including: How come embryonic stem cell analysis such a controversial practice? What is parthenogenesis, and just why might this process be chosen to embryonic stem cell research? How does parthenogenesis solve ethical and immune rejection issues surrounding stem cell research? What are human leukocyte antigens and how do they relate to immune rejection issues? What exactly are potential medical and scientific applications for stem cell research? Expert Biography – Kenneth C. Aldrich, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder, International Stem Cell Corporation Kenneth C. Aldrich has been active in capital raising investing and private collateral since 1975.Give Up Alcohol and Smoking This is the best time to quit smoking and alcohol because you know your child is more important than these ridiculous stuffs. State a big no no to cigarette smoking and alcohol if you really want to conceive and inquire your partner to do the same. Smoking lowers the egg and sperm quality and delay the time calls for to conceive also. Alcoholic beverages on the other hand increased the chances of miscarriage and will also affect the number and quality of male’s sperm.