After parroting Monsanto talking points.

After parroting Monsanto talking points, Washington Post hides organ harvesting of babies now The Washington Post, a legacy newspaper of the mainstream media Remaining, has long been a shill for the world’s biggest biotechnology company, Monsanto, which is usually king of the GMO industry. As Natural Information editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has pointed out, the complete editorial plank at the Post includes hilarious quack research Monsanto operatives pretending to be engaged in reporting true news. It’s so very bad, he proceeds, that key articles released by the Post today look like ‘written’ by Monsanto, with the ‘Greenwashington Post’ parroting Monsanto’s quack corporate ‘science’ talking points read pharmacy blog .

Women,’ said Campo, an assistant UI professor with appointments in community and behavioral wellness in the College of Public Health and communication research in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. ‘African-American magazines tend to embrace a objective of advocacy for the African-American community, but if you are not covering evidence-centered weight-loss strategies, you’re not actually helping your community.’ Campo and co-author Teresa Mastin, an associate professor in the Section of Advertising, PR, and Retailing at Michigan Condition University, analyzed 406 fitness and nutrition content published between 1984 and 2004 in three major African-American women’s journals – – Ebony, Essence and Plane – – and three well-known mainstream women’s magazines – – Great Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, and Ladies’ Home Journal.