Advanced electrical stimulation technology can repair damaged nerves.

Advanced electrical stimulation technology can repair damaged nerves, restore neuron function with no side effects virtually Patients experiencing nerve damage or paralysis may soon be able to better regain function, because of a new electrical stimulation technique produced by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess INFIRMARY in Boston, Mass., and engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology . Technology Daily reviews that the new approach to functional electric stimulation reduces electric output by 40 % and better protects surrounding nerves and cells from harm by focusing energy directly to the damaged site sulbutiamine .

The taxes credit is targeted to projects that show a reasonable potential to: develop new remedies that address unmet medical needs or chronic and acute illnesses; reduce long-term health care costs; represent a substantial advance in finding a cure for cancer; progress U.S. Competitiveness in the fields of lifestyle, biological, and medical sciences; or create or maintain well-paying careers, either directly or indirectly. The full total award granted to the business was $244,479.25 which represents the utmost allocated amount per qualifying task.. Advanced Existence Sciences awarded $244,479.25 grant under Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Advanced Existence Sciences Holdings, Inc.