Acupuncture: A highly effective treatment for pain?

Pictures: World’s oddest treatments: Witch Doctor gives them a go Swiss healer accused of intentionally infecting 16 people with HIV using acupuncture needles Several weekly sessions are usually included, typically costing about $60 to $100 per session. For the new study, september 10 in the Archives of Internal Medicine published, researchers analyzed 29 studies involving almost 18,000 adults. They concluded that the needle treatment worked better than usual pain treatment and slightly much better than false acupuncture.CBS Newspath’s Bobby Kaple repo. The FDA told CBS News in a statementThursday that it really is investigating 92 reviews of adverse events from 5-Hour Energy that include 33 hospitalizations and 13 deaths. THE BRAND NEW York Times first reported the investigation. Reported unwanted effects included heart episodes, convulsion and one case of spontaneous abortion. Bhargava downplayed some of the reviews of side-effect, saying one of the deaths linked with his product was an automobile crash in which a clear 5-hour-Energy was found in the car, but no one knows how lengthy the bottle had been there.