Acetaminophen might improve postoperative outcomes By Piriya Mahendra.

However, the reduction in postoperative pain was significantly associated with a decrease in postoperative nausea, at an chances ratio of 0.66 per 1-point decrease on a pain rating scale of 0-10. The authors claim that iv acetaminophen could possess a direct antiemetic effect, as acetaminophen is definitely metabolized in the brain into AM404, a metabolite that inhibits the reuptake of anandamide, a known cannabinoid CB2 and CB1 receptor agonist.Ogier, Chief and President Executive Officer and co-founder of Acetylon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ‘We also plan to use some of the brand new Series B funding for the preclinical advancement of our extra selective HDAC inhibitor drug candidates for non-cancer disease indications including autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases also to bolster our discovery pipeline.’ Mr. Ogier will participate on a panel talking about start-up biotech financing today at the BIO International Convention in Washington, DC.