According to new research from The University of Texas MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center.

Strom, M.D, F.A.C.R., research professor and co-writer in Radiation Oncology. Strom is the principal investigator of a medical trial sponsored by the National Cancers Institute on proton APBI. Proton therapy emerges as a type of external beam APBI and, according to Strom, is exclusive in its ability to provide the full dose of radiation exactly to the tumor site and nowhere else, removing radiation to the rest of the breast, lung and heart. To date, study on proton APBI has shown effective tumor control, limited unwanted effects and good cosmetic outcomes. ‘This cost evaluation must be interpreted in light of medical proof for proton APBI, which while still in nascent phases, is promising,’ said Ovalle.Allow open book testing Give multiple choice rather than short answer questions Allow use of dictionary or calculator during check Provide extra time to complete Allow assessment in a distraction-free environment Allow student to work on homework while at school Give frequent reminders about due dates Give brief assignments Develop reward program for homework completed Assistive technology is usually any device or product used to increase, maintain, or improve useful capabilities of individuals with disabilities. It serves to augment a person’s strengths, and to offer an alternative setting of performing a task.