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Zarzycki will highlight the specific characteristics of Gain access to’ Cobalamin nanotechnology and the potential important role it will play in the future treatment of various illnesses. Zarzycki, Director of Quality and Chemistry for Gain access to Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’ Last month, Access Pharmaceuticals announced its pre-licensing feasibility agreement with a leading biotechnology company to develop an oral formulation of a presently marketed, proprietary injectable drug, making use of its proprietary Cobalamin Oral Drug Delivery Technology. Related StoriesAdvances in nanofilter technology may lead to implantable surgically, artificial kidneyResearchers make use of advanced photodynamic therapy to fight ovarian malignancy in laboratory animalsUNC scientists make smarter immune cells to take care of Parkinson's diseaseCobalamin is Gain access to’ proprietary technology based on the usage of vitamin B12 for targeted delivery of drugs to disease sites and for oral medication delivery of medications that otherwise possess poor oral bioavailability.GSK’s MAGE-A3 ASCI candidate is currently being evaluated as an adjuvant treatment in melanoma biopsy specimens in the Stage III clinical research DERMA. Presently, there are no nucleic acid-based tests accepted by the U.S. Food and Medication Administration for use in identifying individuals who may derive treatment benefits from targeted skin cancers therapies. ‘This is an exciting continuation of our important collaboration with GSK, a respected company in cancer immunotherapy analysis,’ said Stafford O’Kelly, mind of Abbott’s molecular diagnostics business.’ Based on the Skin Cancer Base viral load, chlamydia, chlamydia/gonorrhea mixture, hepatitis C viral load, HCV genotyping, cytomegalovirus , Epstein Barr virus and individual papillomavirus ..