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61 percent of U.S. Adults unacquainted with the need for high dose flu vaccine in flu prevention for older adults Today found that 3 in five U A fresh study from CVS/pharmacy released.S. Adults are unaware of the need for the high dosage flu vaccine in flu prevention for adults 65 years and older. According to a survey conducted on-line within the U.S. In July 2014 among over 2 by Harris Poll on behalf of CVS/pharmacy,000 U.S. Adults ages 18+, nearly one in three People in america have a role in assisting an elderly relative or loved one aged 65 years or old make health care decisions, reinforcing the need for the general populace to be aware of the availability of the high dose flu vaccine. ‘The outcomes of our consumer survey indicate the necessity for greater consciousness among all People in america to understand the advantages of getting vaccinated and assisting old loved ones in making the decision, as well.’ All MinuteClinic and CVS/pharmacy places have begun to offer flu vaccinations.‘Afrezza is a fresh treatment option for individuals with diabetes requiring mealtime insulin,’ stated Jean-Marc Guettier, M.D., director of the Division of Fat burning capacity and Endocrinology Products in the FDA's Center for Drug Analysis and Evaluation. ‘Today's authorization broadens the options available for delivering mealtime insulin in the overall management of individuals with diabetes who want it to control blood sugar. The efficacy of mealtime Afrezza in adult individuals with type 1 diabetes patients was in comparison to mealtime insulin aspart , both in combination with basal insulin in a 24 week research.