10 effective corporations control most of what you consume: Food.

10 effective corporations control most of what you consume: Food, news and more It used to be the case that there were real choices involved in purchasing meals from the grocery store, buying clothing from the mall or a department store and watching the news on television even. But today, almost all what people consume in every spheres of lifestyle is owned or controlled by just a small number of powerful corporations, or what authentic vernacular might dub as corporate fascism.Is a ongoing business with deep encounter and solid results in pain management. We believe MoxDuo IR offers huge sales potential.’ As one of the world’s largest producers of top quality and generic opioids, Actavis might serve as a contract supplier for MoxDuo IR in the US market. Under the terms of the LOI, QRxPharma retains full flexibility to advertise MoxDuo IR outside the US. Dr. John Holaday, Managing CEO and Director, QRxPharma: ‘After analysis of other licensing proposals, it had been crystal clear Actavis was the strategic choice for the ongoing organization. Their experience in the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales of both patented and generic opioid items enabled a partnership framework with QRxPharma which will accelerate revenues and maximise shareholder worth.